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Question about LE1600 vs. LE1700 ribbon cable
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Thread: Question about LE1600 vs. LE1700 ribbon cable

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    Default Question about LE1600 vs. LE1700 ribbon cable

    I would like to ask
    i) if the proprietary motherboard connector of LE1600 and LE1700 are identical (it looks so on the pictures) and if they are also pin-identical,
    ii) if LE1600 has both ZIF ribbon cables and IDE ribbon cables,
    and if the latter are designed to connect Hitachi IDE 1.8" HDDs (not Toshiba IDE 1.8" HDDs with micro-ATA connectors).

    If this is the case I would experiment with LE1600 ribbon cable with Hitachi IDE connector (which is identical with the standard 2.5" IDE) + a 2.5" IDE to SATA adaptor + SATA-microSATA connector in order to try to insert a (caseless) micro-SATA 1.8" HDD into LE1700. I have all parts except LE1600 IDE ribbon cable (which can be bought on ebay now).

    Please, guys, who are familiar with internals of both LE1600 and LE1700, comment it.

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    The problem is space. Connectors/boards/cables take up room. Except for some space that can be gained by removing the HDD black rubber shock mount and the cover to hold the HDD, there isn't much space to be gained in the LE1700 -- the area is packed tight. I think 1.8" SATA HDD are also 8mm longer in length (maybe not).

    Still, I can imagine a custom solution if one is willing to solder (anyone at Motion Computing reading?). Basically, find the smallest ZIF/SATA bridge adapter, remove the bulky connectors (maybe keep the ZIF one if it is oriented properly in respect to the Motion connector), hope the board is thin enough to fit and carefully solder using a fine tip low wattage iron and connecting wirewrap wire. Using a 5mm drive (HDD or SSD would help).

    Toshiba has 1.8" HDD drives in 250GB MK2529GSG and (forthcoming) 320GB sizes but they're SATA.
    Motion Computing LE1700 XGA VA, Samsung HS160JB 160GB HDD, 4GB Crucial RAM, Gigabyte GN-WS30N-RH 802.11n WiFi.

    Motion Computing LS800 VA (undergoing updating and upgrading)

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    I too had this thought. My Original drive died. I put a Kingspec SSD in using a 1600 "thin" Zif connector from EBay. You need to gently fold the cable 90' in the 1700. The pinout is the same. Life is good again!
    Evan. Tabletoholic.
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