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Tablet for Teenagers for Xmas, Help deciding out of these 3 - TC1100, TC4400, M200
Used Tablet PC
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Thread: Tablet for Teenagers for Xmas, Help deciding out of these 3 - TC1100, TC4400, M200

  1. Question Tablet for Teenagers for Xmas, Help deciding out of these 3 - TC1100, TC4400, M200


    Hello all. I am very new to Tablet PC's and know nothing about them. I recently decided I was going to get my 2 teenagers ebook readers this Xmas, but then saw that it might be a better idea to get them used Tablets instead.

    They will mainly be using them for reading PDF's (Comics, Magazines, Mangas), books and probably surfing the web a bit.
    I'm sure they would love one that would play video games really well, but that's not the reason I'm buying them.

    I've been looking at used TC1100's, TC4400's and Toshiba M200, but am having a hard time deciding which to get since I know nothing about tablets. I'm stressed on time since it's so close to Xmas and I just decided to get these. I'm trying to research these as much as I can, but feel like I'm running out of time.

    I'll be ordering them this Weds. (12/8) so I'm trying to find out as much as I can in 2 days. I joined another Tablet Forum a few days ago, but nobody is really helping there and I only got 2 replies.

    I would like to only spend $200-$250 for each (Buying Used of course). They all seem like good tablets, It's just I don't know the reputation of these tablets.

    TC1100 - Single 1.2GHz, 512, 60GB HDD w/docking station - OS Installed - About $230
    TC4400 - Duo 2GHz, 1GB, 60GB HDD - NO OS - About $230
    M200 - Single 2GHz, 1GB, 60GB HDD - NO OS - About $230
    OR Possibly
    Fujitsu T4220 Duo 1.8Ghz, 1GB, 60GB HDD, CD/DVD Drive, NO OS, but Discs included - About $285

    I like the TC1100 because it seems to always get good reviews.
    TC4400 has bigger screen and Duo Core with more RAM, but no OS (Win7 work on TC4400?) and it gets mixed reviews
    M200 has 12.1" screen only single core, but has higher screen Resolution, but again no OS (Figuring Win7 would install on these without upgrades? Or would I need an extra 512 RAM?) can't find many reviews on this one.
    T4220 just because my kids could use their fingers with screen, not sure how well the T4220 works with writing and drawing.

    Any and All help would be very much appreciated. I'm sure my Kids would appreciate the help for me so I'm not buying them a POS.
    Thank you much and Happy Holidays
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    The TC4400 and T4220 are the most robust for the money without being so heavy as the M200. The TC1100 is definitely a great computer but they may find it underpowered. Unless you have access to the OS, the Fujitsu seems the best deal.

    One of the advantages of the TC4400, M200, T4220 is the ease with which you can upgrade the memory and hard drive. Because they are larger, more laptop-like devices, they are a lot easier to upgrade. Having a DVD on the T4220 will be nice as well.
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    You'll get the same advice from me here that you got over there, but here I don't feel bad linking to my review of the TC1100 - http://www.tabletpcbuzz.com/showthre...w-by-violajack. Will this be their only computer, or do they have another computer for more computery type stuff? If this will just be a secondary gadget, I would highly recommend the TC1100, as it's the smallest and lightest. It's very easy to hold up like a book or to hold in one arm while drawing with the pen in the other. It's a great "couch surfer" form factor. I have upgraded mine to Windows 7 and would highly recommend that over XP if you can fit it into the budget. Or, it might be a nice project for the kids to save up for and do themselves. Good learning experience and all that.
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    Thank you for the replies. So since you didn't say anything bad about any of those, would it be safe to assume they are all great laptops? I just wasn't sure if one of those are known to have more issues than others.
    I really do like the TC1100 since it can be used as a Slate and it's size. But I heard reading PDF's are better off a 12" screen and one with higher resolution would be better.
    I have Win7 to install if needed, but would need to buy XP Tablet if Win7 wouldn't work/install on those machines without RAM upgrade.
    The TC4400 can actually be had for $220 with combined shipping.
    So $440 for 2 - TC4400 shipped, $580 for 2 - T4220 shipped, $500 2 - M200 shipped, $460 2 - TC1100 shipped.

    We have a Home PC and a Laptop that they use to play games and watch movies on. I'm basically looking to get it for them so they can read Comics/E-Mags/Ebooks from, but would like them to be able to surf the web and look stuff up. They visit Youtube alot and watch all kinds of crazy videos. One of them loves to draw too, so that's the only thing with the T4220 is you can't put your hand on it while writing/drawing. But I'm not sure if they would think using their fingers to Navigate would be cooler than really being able to draw on it.

    So it seems they are all good laptops and now it comes down to what I can afford and what features they might like more than others.
    Thank you much for your replies

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    Ah, then another thing to consider would be where would these be used mostly? If it's mostly at home, perhaps a bigger one with more power would be better. If you think they would want to carry them around more, or even make use of the notetaking options at school, perhaps the smaller one would be better. Battery life might also be a concern at that point too.

    Based on what I'm seeing, the Fujitsu T4220 is an active digitizer and would be pen, not finger touch.

    Another thing I just thought of, for even simple games, the TC1100 will fall pretty short as the graphics card is only 32MB. The integrated intel 3100 in the Fujitsu will do significantly better with games, and may even stream HD smoothly. The HP TC4400 will also do well, but may not be able to play back HD youtube smoothly. I'm not sure about the graphics in the Gateway.

    Hope I'm not just making it more complicated.
    Formerly known as violajack.
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    No your not making things more complicated. I like any and all advice I can get.
    I just thought I read in a Review that the T4220 was finger nail friendly, so I thought that meant you could use your fingers.
    They will be used at home most always. Something they can use in their room to read and research from.

    I'm just not sure if I can/or want to dish out almost $600 for tablets for them, when I was only planning on spending $400 when this all came about.
    Not to mention I may have to buy XP Tablet or extra RAM if Win7 doesn't work on them with 1GB. Although the T4220 comes with XP Tablet Discs (I just need to install).

    Well here's what I found for weight of units: T4220 4.3lbs, M200 4.4lbs, TC4400 4.6lbs. So the TC4400 is actually the heaviest, yet cheapest.

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    I'd definitely take a look at the battery life of these units. I know that my tc1100, although I love it - it has a maximum of 3 hours battery life for me. This being used constantly! Of course I need a new battery and might get as much as 4 at a stretch with that. The others are probably all good, but you do have to balance weight versus power in most units. That is the extent of my comments as voilajack and john are the experts.
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    Well I broke down and Ordered 2 TC4400's for $440. They are supposed to be in excellent condition with screens perfect. Only thing is no Stylus/Pen comes with. Thought I saw those for about $20 ( *update edit* ended up getting 2 New OEM Pens for $31 shipped).
    This TC4400 is different one then mentioned above.
    1GB RAM
    80GB HDD with Fresh install of XP Tablet and Office 2003

    That just seemed like decent deal to me even with the missing stylus'. Just didn't want to spend the money on the T4220's and I didn't really want something they can possibly game on.
    Well time to start researching the TC4400's and what we can do with them in terms of upgrades (down the road) and what my boys will be able to do with them.
    Thank you all for your help and advice.
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    Nice, that looks like a great deal. If you want to encourage them more in the academic direction rather than gaming, I would recommend checking out Evernote, in addition to the drawing and reading programs they will want to use.
    Formerly known as violajack.
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    Also as an educator I find setting up your tabs in evernote or folders with dewey decimal aids in organization, or use a schoolplan it style of organization! A student can have technology and still be messy! This now is my area of relentless pursuit- organization of information and using programs to markup edit and reuse the information in a personal way. I'm sure everyone here is in this category!

    I'd like to recommend downloading ms experience pack and some of the power toys. They are still available, and I think the snipping tool should be standard, but in case it isn't grab a copy of that! Depending on your os of course. I don't know if these items are standard in vista or xp.


    also be sure to visit our software forum for further help!
    TC1000 tc1100 tc4200 and now a tc4400

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